FEDE Human Rights Prize

The FEDE puts Human Rights at the heart of its educational strategy. Each year, 10 000 FEDE students receive an education infused with the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today the FEDE brings together a universal network united around the fundamental principles of the Declaration.

The FEDE Human Rights Prize aims to reward human rights projects by FEDE-network students and their teachers. It showcases exceptional initiatives that have a real impact on the promotion of the fundamental principles and human values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Topics for the 2020 competition:

  • States and human rights
  • Migration and human rights
  • Sustainable development and human rights
  • Gender and human rights
  • Culture, language, and human rights
  • Youth and human rights
  • Education and human rights
  • Civil society and human rights


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“Awarding this trophy is bearing a powerful message of how we defend these values within our international network. In light of our evolving societies, faced with challenges linked to poverty, violence and discrimination, promoting human rights has become absolutely necessary.”

Farhang Ghassemi, Human Rights Representative, Member of the FEDE Committee, President of Cogefi

Applications opening: 10/10/19
Entry deadline: 01/02/20
Judging: 28/02/20

Award Ceremony at the Dubrovnik General Assembly in Croatia

Download rules and entry form: